5 Hydration Tips for a Healthy Plus Size Pregnancy

Staying hydrated during pregnancy is important for your health, and baby’s health.

One of the top concerns I hear from pregnant people is staying hydrated throughout pregnancy. Hydration has gotten a huge push these past few years, so it’s natural for it to be on everyone’s minds. But if you’re pregnant, and more so plus size, getting those liquids in is even more important. 

Why is Hydration So Important for a Healthy Plus Size Pregnancy?

Your blood volume increases by 40% throughout pregnancy (yes, 40!). Producing all this extra blood, amniotic fluid, creating tissue, and flushing out toxins all require water. As a plus size moms-to-be, you need more water than others because more body mass. Thick and hydrated is the goal, mama! Drinking extra fluids helps deliver essential nutrients to your body and your baby. A cared for mama, is a cared for baby.

In addition to all the amazing things water helps your body do above, it also aids in solving some pesky pregnancy discomforts like indigestion, constipation, and urinary tract infections. Drinking enough water can help you avoid experiencing these issues. Not to mention, water is great for your skin! 

The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology recommends getting 8-12 cups (64 to 96 ounces) per day. To break that down, you need one ounce of water per two pounds of body weight. So, divide your body weight by two to calculate your needed water intake.

Tips to Drinking More

Drinking water can be boring. I feel you, girl. It sounds so simple, right? Just drink more water. However, we all have hectic schedules, busy work days, and maybe you’re currently chasing your toddler around – water just isn’t always on your mind. No shame. But let’s help you get back on track. Below are some tips for getting in more water throughout your day. 

  1. Drink Mindfully – Do you hate feeling like you’re doing a chore? Me, too. If you feel like getting in extra fluid is going to be a job, then you’re not going to want to do it. TRY THIS instead – when you’re taking a water break, remind yourself that you are nourishing yourself and your baby. You are achieving something important. You are consciously creating well-being for you both. Take three deep belly breaths before you move on with your day and acknowledge the act of taking care of yourself. 
  2. Keep it Interesting – Flavoring your water can go a long way, so entice your taste buds to drink more. I suggest adding some strawberries, cucumbers, raspberries, or lemon slices in your water bottle. A teaspoon of fruit juice concentrate is okay, too. Sugar-free mixes like crystal light are also an option. However, some of these mixes use erythritol, sugar alcohol, as a sweetener. A bit of erythritol is usually okay, but sugar alcohol can cause stomach issues for some. If you notice any digestion or stomach pains when you’re using sugar-free mixes, maybe choose a different option. 
  3. Eat Your Water – Yes, you heard right. There are lots of foods that can serve as a good source of extra water and nutrients. Download my free Hydration Guide PLUS my hydrating Pumpkin Smoothie recipe!
  4. Accessibility is Key – Always having a drink of water near you is truly a key to success. The ease of having something to grab when you want it is invaluable and makes drinking water more convenient. Anyway, aren’t cute water bottles basically fashion accessories now? Have fun with it! I personally recommend water bottles from S’well, Hydroflask, and Klean Kanteen.
  5. Temperature Preference – Do you drink more when your beverage is hot or cold? Some reflecting here can make a big difference in your drinking habit. Find what works best for you. 

So, there you have it – my top 5 tips. Stay hydrated, mamas!

About the Author

Cassie Huneke is the owner of Modern Moms. She is a certified pregnancy and postpartum health coach, birth and postpartum doula, and childbirth educator.

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