The Nesting Place offers workshops and classes for parents.

Circle of Mothers: A support circle for mothers to openly discuss the challenges and triumphs of motherhood. This group meets in-person, Thursdays at 12:30pm in Farmingdale and Fridays at 10am in Yaphank.

Baby Music Class: An interactive and fun music class for babies aged 3-12 months.

Baby and Me Yoga: A weekly yoga class for you and your little one to bond while getting in a good stretch and moving your body. This class is designed for babies aged 6 weeks to pre-crawlers. Offered weekly in all three locations.

Baby Sensory Class: Sensory input builds neural pathways in the brain. These pathways – when exercised – become “information highways” which support process our thoughts and capacity to learn and make sense of new information. In these classes, children are exposed to different textures where they build capacity to explore the world around them and make sense of it.  Recommended for ages 5 months – 15 months.

Developmental Play Class with Reimagined NY (Rollers and Sitters): This class was developed by a certified occupational therapist and certified physical therapist. This class is a fun way for parents to bond with their child in a developmental and educational setting.  We use music and movement to create a fun learning environment. Throughout the class you will be exposed to a variety of fine motor, gross motor, visual motor, and sensory activities.  Parents will receive information, tips, and activities to further facilitate their child’s developmental skills in the home environment. Recommended for ages 6-12 months.

Parent & Me Process Art: For ages 5 months to 3 years. In this class we will explore art as a behavior, rather than a product. An experience for baby and caregiver to connect and create. In this class, children will be exposed to various art mediums and tools, both traditional and unconventional.

Benefits include:
• Exploration such as building a capacity for exploration
• Supporting social and emotional capacities
• Strengthening cognitive skills

Each class includes a welcome greeting, invitation to explore and create, clean up time and a connection story to end the class. Process art is an invitation to create and let a child’s imagination take the lead. Recommended for ages 5 months – 3 years.

Tummy Time Workshop: Led by Pediatric Physical Therapist, Mirav Newman, this 4-week workshop will teach your little one to be comfortable on their belly and to help with gross motor development and movement. For babies 6 weeks to pre-crawlers. We have 1.0 and 2.0 options available. Most begin in 1.0 and graduate to 2.0, but if your baby is 5-6 months, you may want to consider starting in 2.0. You do not need to do 1.0 to do 2.0.

Baby Sign Language: A four-week course for parents to teach their children basic sign language to assist with non-verbal communication. Learn basic signs for commonly used words and words to express their needs and wants.

Introduction to Solids: This workshop, taught by Certified Nutritionist, Emily Magee, MS, CNS, is designed to teach you to introduce solid foods to your little one in a safe and healthy manner. Learn about the signs of readiness, feeding schedules, perfect first foods, and baby led weaning. This class is currently offered as an e-course.

Four Steps to SleepSleep Coaching Workshop: An interactive workshop to learn effective tips and gain an optimal daytime schedule from eating, play and naps, to developing a bedtime routine that works best for your family. This class is led by Certified Sleep and Parent Coach, Rebecca Kammerer. This class is currently offered as an e-course.