Doulas support mothers & families throughout pregnancy, labor, birth and in the postpartum period by providing education, encouragement, and support. Doulas help by providing information and support so that families confidently navigate birth and new parenthood.

When you work with one of our doulas, you will be provided free access to one of our Fourth Trimester Support Circles.

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Laura Siddons, Birth & Postpartum Doula, Co-Founder of The Nesting Place

Laura has been a doula since 2008 when she discovered a passion for connecting women with resources, information, and support during and after pregnancy. Laura believes that every mom and baby are unique, and therefore each experience is different. She is dedicated to helping moms find their voice by connecting them with information, support, and individualized care on their journey.

She is the co-founder of The Nesting Place, and lives in Long Island with her husband and three children, including a set of twins.

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Phone: 914-374-1523

Janalyn Pomeroy, Birth & Postpartum Doula, Certified Lactation Counselor

After completing her Masters Degree, Janalyn was the birth coordinator for a adoption agency where she had the opportunity to walk along brave women who were making an adoption plan for their unborn baby. She was a labor coach for over 25 birthmothers. This work instilled in her a love for the labor & delivery process and how crucial having support, education during delivery and the early stages of parenthood are in parents feeling  confident and empowered.  When she became a mom she got involved with MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) where she found and gave support, education and leadership training on all the diverse aspects women go through in these early years of parenting.

The culmination of these seasons of her life has brought her to the wonderful world of being a doula. There are few things more sacred in life than the birth of a baby and the first few weeks of having them home with you. It is a time of immense joy, pain, hormones and lack of sleep. It is her desire to provide parents with an extra layer of support giving them special moments to breathe through this sacred time.

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Phone: (417) 499-0645

Ebonie ‘Karma’ Tudor, Birth & Postpartum Doula, Certified Lactation Counselor

Karma whose birth name is Ebonie Tudor, is a Mother, Doula, Childbirth Educator, Lactation Counselor and Yoga Teacher. ​Originally from Brooklyn, NY, Karma was first introduced to yoga in 2015. After doing the ‘big chop’, a pivotal moment in a woman’s life where she opts to start all over and be free thinking, she decided to get into yoga.  From her first yoga class, Karma was addicted to reflecting inward and sharing the importance of women’s wellness. In 2018, Karma became a 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher. 

Karma, worked in the insurance industry for 10 years. In 2018, she read an article about the increasing black maternal mortality rate in the NY Times. Karma felt connected to the story since her own pregnancy could have had a dark outcome. Soon after, Karma left corporate America to become a doula, so she could assist humans with their prenatal and postpartum experience. Karma received her doula certification with Mama Glow.

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Phone: (646) 818-9358

Marla Hamilton, Postpartum Doula

Marla Hamilton is a Postpartum Doula and mom of three, including a set of twins.  Her background in Mental Health counseling, personal postpartum experiences, and a burning desire to make sure every mom gets a nap when she needs it drew her to the amazing world of Postpartum Doula work.  Marla’s superpowers are balancing real talk with encouragement and always having an innate sense of when a new mom could really use a snack.   

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Phone: (917) 715-6059

Stephanie Gunderson, Birth and Postpartum Doula

Stephanie has been a doula since 2016. Her passion is helping birthing women and their partners feel confident, empowered, supported and respected in their pregnancy, during labor & birth, and throughout the postpartum period.  She love helping families during their transition at home during the first few months at home.  She believes that moms deserve love and support at all stages of this incredible phase of your life.  

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Phone: (631) 848-1771

Alex Monahan, Postpartum Doula

Born and raised on Long Island, Alex is a LIDA trained postpartum doula serving Nassau & Western Suffolk counties. The birth of her son in 2019 solidified this path for her after years of helping life givers beforehand. A modern day Mary Poppins, what you wish your mother was without the baggage; a gentle hand, offering education and care for birther and baby.

Some of the things you may find Alex doing as a postpartum doula are helping with meal prep, offering breastfeeding/bottle-feeding support, caring for baby while parents nap or shower, caring for the birther while they recover from birth, helping birther process their birth experience, offering education for newborn and postpartum care, and all non judgmental support for the family.

Alex wants to be that breath of fresh air for parents each day when she knocks on the door. She is here to hold your hand and give you the confidence you need in the transition of parenthood so that when she leaves you are empowered to do it all on your own.

Get in touch with Alex
Phone: (516) 236-2263

Cass Huneke, Birth & Postpartum Doula

Everyone wants to hold and care for your new baby, but who is taking care of you? Cass knows newly postpartum moms face many challenges as they try to balance caring for
their child or children and themselves. She struggled with it herself. That’s why she believes in “mothering the mother.”

Cass provides motherly attention, care, and love to
you and the whole family. She strives to meet each family’s unique needs with compassion and gives guidance without judgment. Cass received her postpartum doula training from the Long Island Doula Association. She has a
background of caring for mothers with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, such as postpartum depression. She is well equipped to educate, support, and provide mental
health resources for moms. In addition to being a postpartum doula, Cass is also an Informed & Mindful Birth Educator.

Get in touch with Cass
Phone: 631-209-7923

Katie Ferretti, Birth & Postpartum Doula

Katie is a certified birth and postpartum doula with training in lactation counseling, and a Masters Degree in psychology. She spent many years working with individuals with disabilities, which is still a passion of hers. She lives and works on Long Island with her wife and daughter. 

As a doula, Katie feels her most important role is empowering and emboldening birthing people and their partners throughout these most transformative seasons of life; pregnancy, birth and postpartum. She is there to provide education, gentle guidance and validation through these precious and new experiences. 

Katie is honored to be a birth worker and to hold space for families that are welcoming or have just welcomed a new baby into their lives. She respects and values all types of families and feels every family deserves the compassion and nurturing of a doula.

Get in touch with Katie:
Phone: (516) 3173259

Avrey Mischke, Birth & Postpartum Doula

Avrey has a BA in Therapeutic Recreation and Interpreting degree in American Sign Language. A busy mom of two boys, it was always in the back of her mind to be apart of the birthing community so she took the plunge during her maternity leave in 2020. Avrey is a BBR child birth educator, birth, and postpartum doula. Avrey has a love for empowering soon to be birthers and their partner during the birth of their baby. Avrey enjoys practice with essential oils and a crystal around her neck. Her vibe is calming and nurturing. 
Before becoming a doula Avrey danced professionally and has been a choreographer and dance instructor since 2003. When she’s not moving and grooving with her babies or during mommy and me classes at The Nesting Place you can find her making DIY projects with her cricut. 
“I have a love for all things energy healing and grounding, I look to help create a safe space for the birth couples in their journey to parenthood.” 

Get in touch with Avrey:
Phone: 631-514-4787

Kathryn Jimenez, Birth & Postpartum Doula

Kathryn was born in Sydney, Australia and moved to Long Island in 2013.  She first became interested in becoming a doula after the birth of her first baby in 2006.  However, as life often does, it led her down other roads and areas of study until Kathryn completed her doula certification in 2019.  

Kathryn had three incredible births, and after each of them she felt the urge to support women through this sacred and memorable part of their lives.  Kathryn’s formal learning qualifications and life experiences as a daughter, mother, certified doula, counselor, massage therapist and yoga instructor are the foundations for her professional, personal, loving and nurturing approach to her doula work.  

There are so many options available to help you create the pregnancy and birth you would like, which many of Kathryn’s clients don’t realize.  Kathryn is here to help you navigate through them all.  Kathryn will also discuss staying open during labor, and preparing for “Plan B”.  Your birth is about what YOU want, your fears, your ideals, concerns and dreams are all something to be discussed in a safe and loving way.  

Kathryn believes there is a need for a more nurturing, sensitive and personalized emotional support system  for expectant and new mothers.  With her background in counseling, she focuses on establishing true connections with her clients, forming a strong foundation and relationship during pregnancy.  This, in turn provides great comfort for many women during labor and birth, as they feel safe, supported and empowered.  Depending on the needs of her clients, Kathryn can be very hands on, offering comfort touch massage, holding you up, suggesting positions, holding your hand, keeping you warm / cold,  keeping your partner focused and energized or hands off too if that is what the client needs.  

Get in touch with Kathryn:
Phone: 631-601-7074

Erika Oswald, Overnight Postpartum Doula

Erika is an overnight doula who is experienced with working with multiples and a majority of her families are twin families. Erika works overnight shifts to care for your baby (or babies!) so that you can get some much needed rest. She offers flexible scheduling to meet the needs of each individual family that she works with. During Erika’s shifts, she assists with anything related to infant care to keep the night running smoothly. When baby is sleeping, she is also happy to help out with laundry, light cleaning, organizing, meal prep, and any other light tasks around the house that you may need. Erika’s main goal is always to allow families to get the rest they need so that they can function at their best and be cared for during the postpartum period. She absolutely loves working with postpartum families and considers it such a privilege to be involved in such an important and transitional period in each of her clients’ lives.

Erika graduated with a bachelor’s degree in health science from Stony Brook University and a masters degree from the University of Louisville. She is certified in infant, child, and adult CPR and first aid. If you would like more information, feel free to contact Erika directly.

Get in touch with Erika:
Phone: 631-682-9698

Jaime Burt, Birth and Postpartum Doula

Jaime is a full- time birth and postpartum doula, placenta specialist, childbirth educator, and sleep consultant in training. Jaime’s social work education and five years of experience as a professional nanny has led to a deep passion for supporting families in all walks of life. As a doula she believes that birth is a powerful and transformative journey through which all people should feel nothing less than loved, supported, and respected. It is her objective as a doula to encourage birthing people to follow their intuition, to honor their autonomy and decision-making, and to support and witness the beauty and power that is their birth experience. Jaime provides compassionate, family-centered, and evidence-based support throughout the perinatal period and will work with you and your family to create the birth and postpartum plan that is best for you. Jaime would love the opportunity to learn about your vision for your birth and would be honored to support you and your partner on the journey of bringing your baby earth side.

Get in touch with Jaime:
Phone: 857-526-6085

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