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The Nesting Place offers expert dieticians, nutritionists and health coaches to help mothers, babies, and families reach their goals. Whether that be to conceive, assist with pregnancy, meet weight-loss goals, help with gestational diabetes or assist with behavioral management for children – The Nesting Place is the place.

Meet Our Providers:

Elaina Koyl, CNC, HHC, PT

After the birth of her first child, Elaina experienced a very unpleasant postpartum period. She struggled for some time and came to the realization that there had to be a better way, this is not how women were intended to experience motherhood. Anxiety, depression, fatigue, digestive issues and insomnia (even when baby slept) ruled her life. After about 7 months, she finally dug deep and got to the bottom of her symptoms. 

It is her belief that our current healthcare system does not properly prepare women for such a tremendous journey. Women’s health, especially during pregnancy and postpartum, lacks necessary information about what is needed nutritionally, emotionally and physically to feel your best, prepare for & heal from birth, and connect with your baby. Society often tells women the opposite of the things they need such as, rest, replenishment & gentle recovery.

Her desire to learn and understand the nature of pregnancy and postpartum propelled her to study female physiology and holistic nutritional practices. From there, she became a certified holistic health coach, personal trainer and nutrition consultant specializing in pregnancy, postpartum and baby nutrition. She studied a wide variety of nutritional approaches which allows her to create a unique approach to meeting the needs of each client. Upon opening her own practice in 2019 called Your Intended Health, she began supporting other women like herself in enhancing their lifestyle and nutritional practices.  

She believes there is more than the current mainstream approach, and that women can confidently make smarter decisions for themselves and their families for years to come. With pregnant clients, she focuses on nutritional requirements for each trimester & during postpartum, dispelling outdated practices that impede a mother and baby’s health. She provides appropriate fitness protocol at each stage, pelvic floor and inner core strength, breath work to prepare for birth, preparing the home and mother for postpartum period as well as stress mitigation tools. She also recognizes that many women struggle to feel comfortable in their body after giving birth. With clients who are at least 3 months postpartum, she helps women to enter a fat-loss phase that is healthy, metabolically supportive and hormonally respectful by helping women restore nutrients lost from birth and with intentional nutrition, replenishing their systems. 

In addition to helping moms and moms to be, Elaina is also certified in Baby Nutrition. She helps parents navigate the confusing first steps of introducing solids, what to do if an allergy or food sensitivity presents itself and how to implement specific gut healing protocols to improve baby’s symptoms & digestive health. 

With 10 years of teaching experience, Elaina is a teacher at heart. Her main goal is to educate women to tune into the subtle signals their bodies provide, and help them feel confident in responding to those signals and empowering themselves when making decisions about their bodies.

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Phone: (516) 220-6427