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The Nesting Place offers expert dieticians, nutritionists and health coaches to help mothers, babies, and families reach their goals. Whether that be to conceive, assist with pregnancy, meet weight-loss goals, help with gestational diabetes or assist with behavioral management for children – The Nesting Place is the place.

Meet Our Providers:

Cassandra Huneke

Cassie Huneke is a certified health coach specializing in fertility and pregnancy loss support. Cassie believes that loss at any stage of pregnancy deserves to be honored and acknowledged. Grief is not something to be rushed. It is not an illness. It is a journey to learn how to carry what’s yours to carry and you deserve a safe space without shame or stigma to grieve. No platitudes. Just support and love.

Her mind-body approach to fertility focuses more on what’s right for you and less on doing everything “right.” She believes a pregnancy test does not determine your worth and that your journey to getting and staying pregnant doesn’t need to be ruled by anxiety and fear.

In addition to being a fertility coach, Cassie is also a postpartum doula with The Nesting Place. She has spent the last several years of her career dedicated to supporting women into motherhood and beyond.

Contact Cassie:
Phone: 631-209-7923

Amanda Forman, MS, RD, CDN

My name is Amanda Forman and I am a Registered Dietitian who specializes in hormone health, fertility and perinatal nutrition and gut health. I received my bachelor’s degree in Public Health from College of Charleston. As my passion for nutrition developed, I decided to go to graduate school and received my master’s degree in Nutrition from Meredith College. I went on to complete my dietetic internship at Mississippi State University and become licensed as a Registered Dietitian. I am currently training under Dr. Aviva Romm to complete the Women’s Functional and Integrative Medicine Professional Training Program.  

I am passionate about women’s health and hormones. Through my own experiences, I have been able to balance my hormones naturally through diet, exercise and lifestyle. I have learned that focusing on what you can add to your plate, rather than what you can take away, is the key to a long term, sustainable lifestyle! All foods are meant to be enjoyed! Every body is different and as such, all recommendations are personalized for you!

I also do DUTCH Hormone Testing and GI Map Stool Testing to take a more in depth look at what is going on in YOUR body and address the root causes of YOUR symptoms. 


Contact Amanda:
Phone: 516-344-5542 to set up an appointment.
For additional questions, please email me at 

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