No Mom Left Behind – that is our motto at The Nesting Place, and to help further this mission we have teamed up with Hold the Mother Foundation to start a free peer phone support program for new parents on Long Island.

Whether you are newly postpartum or expecting a baby, we hope you will consider signing up for our peer support phone program. This is a FREE program in which you will be assigned a trained peer support specialist who will reach out to you in your postpartum period to check in and offer connection and support.

The goal of this program is to prevent new parents from falling through the cracks of our system and society. In the US, one in five pregnant or postpartum women are diagnosed with a mood or anxiety disorder during the perinatal period. Furthermore, one in eight women report symptoms of depression after giving birth. Often new parents are left feeling lost, confused, lacking connection and have nowhere to turn. Through local connection and support we hope to change these statistics on Long Island.

In this FREE program, new parents can opt in to be connected with a trained peer support specialist who will regularly check in with the new parent via telephone, to find out how the new parent is doing, how well they are adjusting to parenthood, to offer a listening ear, and suggestions for support.

This program is for those in their first year postpartum. You do not have to be a first-time parent to apply. Scan the QR code below or click HERE if you are interested in opting into the program.