We offer workshops and classes for toddlers and their parents to help make this time a bit more enjoyable for everyone. Toddler age group is 12 months – 3 years. All classes require pre-registration.

Circle of Mothers – This is a supportive circle for mothers of babies and toddlers to discuss the challenges and triumphs of motherhood. Occurs virtually every Monday at 8pm Register here. Free.

Toddler and Me Yoga – We offer regular yoga classes for you and your toddler to bond while getting in a good stretch and moving your body. Designed for walkers to 3 years old.  This class includes fun sing along and great activities and poses to do with your little one, all the while mama can get in a little workout and stretch as well. Takes place every Sunday and every other Thursday at 1130am. Register here.

Toddler Music – Offering a music class for you and your toddler on a monthly basis. Designed for one to three years old. Occurs most Sundays and once a month on Thursday morning. Register here.

Toddler Dance – A fun dance class with music and moves for parent and little one. Occurs monthly on Thursdays and Sundays. Register here.

Toddler Feeding – This workshop is taught by Certified Nutritionist, Emily Magee, MS, CNS designed to teach you tips and tricks to get your toddler to love eating. Helps parents prevent or correct a picky eater. Purchase the e-course.

Toddling to Talking– This workshop is taught by Certified Speech Pathologist, Liana Watral designed to teach you to support your child’s speech and language development through sign, song, play and more. Learn tips on how to communicate with your child as she grows and develops by making changes that work with your lifestyle. Good for ages 6-24 months. Purchase the e-course here.

Potty Training Workshop – offering a class designed to teach the basic fundamentals for beginning potty training with your little one. Learn signs of readiness, tips to begin and find ways to stick to a healthy routine. Purchase the e-course here.

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