Support Groups

Prenatal Support Group – a weekly virtual support group for expectant mothers. This group is facilitated by The Nesting Place’s Director of Mental Health Services, Marissa Sherov. The group is designed to be a supportive space for all soon to be moms to share their story or weekly challenges. Register Here

Toddler Circle of Mothers – This is a supportive circle for mothers of toddlers to come and discuss the challenges and triumphs of raising a toddler. Register Here.

The Nesting Place is offering a perinatal mood and anxiety disorder support series.  This group is open to ALL moms.  It will be run by Evelyn Page, a licensed mental health therapist.  The next session begins on July 8, 2020

The topics are as follows:  
1. Understanding and identifying your feelings of depression or anxiety;
2. Taking care of self / what are your triggers
3. Coping with overwhelm
4. Getting back to the ‘old you’ and setting expectations of this ‘new you’
5. Additional supports / your safety net 
6. Prevention, balance, and planning for future 

Reserve Your Spot Here or call 631-848-3627.

Breastfeeding Support Group – A support group for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers to discuss pitfalls, successes and best practices to reach your breastfeeding goals. This group is led by Laura Moritz, Lactation Counselor.  Register Here.

For details and updates join the Positive Birth Movement LI Facebook Group. 

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