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Join Laura Otton, LCSW to discuss the journey of motherhood. This is a four-part series which can be taken all together or on its own by selecting just those workshop(s) that speak to you, on your journey. The workshops include: 
Adjusting to Your New Normal: May 2, 2020 – 1:30-3p – Discuss how motherhood changes your identity and role in the family while learning practical tools to adapt, cope, and thrive as a mother and woman. 

Body Image: May 16, 2020 – 1:30-3p- In this supportive space we will discuss all the changes your body has undergone (the good and bad!); learn skills to feel more confident and at peace with these changes.  

Reconnecting with your Partner: May 30, 2020 – 1:30-3p – Learn concrete tools to improve communication, decrease friction, rekindle intimacy, and balance your workloads to strengthen your relationship during this tumultuous time.  

Work Life Balance as a Mom: June 13, 2020 – 1:30-3p – This workshop will address the practical and emotional aspects of balancing motherhood and work: childcare, guilt, fatigue, pumping, sick days, setting boundaries, and work-life balance. 

The Nesting Place is offering a perinatal mood and anxiety disorder support series.  This group is open to ALL moms.  It will be run by Evelyn Page, a licensed mental health therapist.  The next session begins on April 11, 2020

The topics are as follows:  
1. Understanding and identifying your feelings of depression or anxiety;
2. Taking care of self / what are your triggers
3. Coping with overwhelm
4. Getting back to the ‘old you’ and setting expectations of this ‘new you’
5. Additional supports / your safety net 
6. Prevention, balance, and planning for future 

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Join The Nesting Place in this beautiful six part journey for mothers who have experienced miscarriage, pregnancy loss, stillbirth or infant loss. This series meets monthly for six months to support you in your healing journey.

Each session will be on the Saturdays listed below at 130-3pm.

  1. May 9th – Share about your story, say your baby’s name – led by Evelyn A. Page, LCSW & Loss Mom
  2. June 13th – Scrap-booking/baby book project to honor and remember your baby
  3. July 25th – At AR workshop in Bellmore- Select a craft: sign, box, or frame
  4. August 15th – Healing through meditation and reiki with Melissa from Moonful Mama
  5. September 19th – Healing through movement and yoga with Susan Sullivan
  6. October 17th – Life after loss – led by Evelyn A. Page, LCSW & Loss Mom
Postpartum Core Workshop – To tone your core, improve ab muscles and pelvic floor. Sign Up HERE
Join this strong group of single mamas to meet on a monthly basis on Sunday evenings. Sign up HERE
This four part writing workshop will be an opportunity for inner exploration and growth. Check HERE for dates and times and to register.
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